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Reiki, what is it?  

All living things are connected.  Our ancestors used and relied on their own abilities and instincts.  Unfortunately, these basic skills have been forgotten and are rarely used today.  Humanity in its relentless ambition for progress has given up its most precious and natural gift-the gift of vitality and self preservation encoded into the genetic makeup of all God's creatures, this gift is Reiki.  

Reiki is holistic; it works on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating a person's or thing's own natural healing abilities.  

Regular contact with Reiki will bring the recipients mind, body and spirit into balance.  It will also help prevent future creation of illness and disease.

How Reiki Works

When the mind, body and spirit are in harmony, the biological intelligence that governs the body's resources and allows it to heal itself and function correctly are intensified.  Reiki is the key that unlocks the body's optimum capabiliites.  There are seven main energy centres in the body that control flow of the universal life force.  They are called the Chakras.  Each chakra is responsible for supplying energy to specific parts of the body.  When they are blocked or clogged the body becomes sick and the flow of energy is diluted.  

A full Reiki treatment reopens the chakras and re-balances the flow of the universal life force around the body.  

 Reiki is no substitution for veterinarian care and you should always consult your veterinarian when you are considering Reiki for your animal.   

About Us


Reiki for Everything and Everyone

I specialize in Distant Animal Reiki.

Distance Reiki can be performed at any time and produces highly effective results. Intuitive listening and trust is a key part of a distance Reiki healing session for both the practitioner and recipient. 

There are indeed many times where Reiki helps an animal have a good quality of life far longer than the veterinarian believed possible, and remissions have even been achieved.  However, we need to be very cautious about making specific things like cures and remissions our goal.  This places a lot of pressure on our animal friend to walk the path we want them to walk, rather than their own path.

Animals pick up on our emotional energy and even receive images from us. The most healing energy they can receive from us is the unconditional love and acceptance. It is very important to offer this same healing energy to

I very much understand the pain of seeing an animal friend suffer and the grief from their death.  As an animal lover, I have held many beloved pets as they crossed over.  I know it can be a very helpless feeling as they reach the end and their bodies fail.  However, I am very grateful to have the support of Reiki to offer greater help in the lives of the animals I love and those I help with Reiki treatments.


Pat Bryan

My name is Pat. I started learning Reiki  because I was interested in how I can heal myself and my family.  

I first started my training when I noticed my hands started to get warm and radiate at the same time vibrate.  To my amazement,  that was healing energy I was experiencing.  I continued with my training and practiced on loved ones.  

One morning, I awoke to a horrific headache.  I am not a big fan for taking aspirin or any type of  pill form assistance.  That is when the real power of Reiki hit me!  I did Reiki on myself and within 5 minutes my headache was gone.  I was so impressed and knew first hand THIS is what I want to do-heal and reestablish that comfort that once existed.  

Humans, including myself have benefited from my sessions although my love for animals is my specialty as I continue to grow with my Reiki.  I have done distant Reiki healings on pets for people from Maryland to California and as close distance as to my own dog from across the room.  Humans distance Reiki, I have sent anywhere from my neighboring friend to S. Africa.  I am a channel that has been chosen to send healing energies.

Please take a moment and read some of the testimonials.

Feedback, reviews and testimonials


Today I was blessed with meeting a wonderfully gifted person by the name of Pat Bryan.

Pat had posted in the group offering Reiki to animals and I asked her if she offered human Reiki as well. To my surprise her response time was within moments, she was kind and directed me on how to obtain some of her healing. 

I was shocked to find she picked up on my needs immediately, due to some very difficult times these past 5months I've been struggling with emotional and physical baggage from the relationship my son and I fled. Thankfully, Pat offered her services, provided her healing and followed up with me after; which provided me comfort to know what to expect and had a beautiful sense of humor when we spoke. 

I believe as a result of her sharing her gift with me today, I have had one of my best days since leaving my past behind and moving forward. I was laughing, smiling, joking and best of all out of the house and   enjoying life. I'm truly grateful to Pat for helping remove some of that weight I've been carrying to step out my front door and remember what living felt like again. I've gotten a taste of happiness and I cant wait to continue to chip away this terrible energy around me and find myself.

Pat, from the bottom to the top of my heart and back again...

Thank you for your kindness. It truly means a lot.

 Pat has an amazing gift that I have experienced first hand. The Animal Reiki, Human Reiki that she offers are wonderfully healing. She has performed distant Reiki on both myself and my kitty, both with fabulous results. I would highly recommend Pat for any distant Reiki healing you are seeking. 

On August 12, 2018 I was asked to send distant Reiki healing to California for help with this very ill kitty.  On August 14, 2018 I received this message: UPDATE on Chyna she woke up early this morning is what my son in law said and she ate and drank water please continue with reiki Thank you GOD BLESS my daughter rescued three kittens from a feral and raised them she gave 2 away Chyna was one of the ones she gave away the kids brought her back a couple of months later once she returned Chyna & Tiger (her brother) are inseparable my daughter love cats that she feeds them (strays)so Chyna means the world to her and my granddaughters.   After 4 days of reiki healing I was certain she was going to die she was taken to er and a bill later they couldn’t find anything and then she was admitted for 7 days and again now results after reiki healing thank you!

 L Cole writes: Mr T has a collapsing trachea. He’s on 3 different meds to try to reduce the inflammation. I hope the meds work. He’s too old to go through surgery for a trachea stent. But if it collapses all the way, he won’t be able to breathe.  Mr T. He’s hardly coughing at all now. He’s eating better. I think all the meds and distance healing are working!! 

 Saturday, August 25, 2018 I was contacted by E. Cruz in California. She had an awful allergic reaction that left her face very swollen and tight. I was fearing her throat may close. I was able to identify the allergic reaction was from mold. I found out that the day the allergic reaction had hit her she had a water and a cheese and cracker packet. The mold allergic reaction was confirmed by a source near her (biomagnetism). After several distant Reiki healings, I am very pleased to report I received a message from her this morning and she is feeling back to normal! So happy for her and her family. 


July 27, 2018 I was drawn to send a lady with the initials, CVH in South Africa, distant Reiki healing. Attention drawn to possible aches and pain in the arms, elbows and hands. Tight shoulder muscles. Also, anger, stress and emotions have been touched upon.Love and light.  CVH response: Pat Bryan, you are so spot on, I was having lots of aches and could not understand why. Even in my hands. Anger issues as well. Thank you so much for Reiki healing. Was so chilled on Sunday and peaceful. At my grandson 3 year old birthday party. Much appreciated my Angel Sister!

 Three weeks ago I removed the treatment that the vet gave to Symbah, I had noticed that it was doing more harm than good. But with the Reiki that Pat Bryan have been sending to Symbah his health improved a lot, many people have noticed it too ... she is amazing and very gifted. We love her 🐶

Pat is an extremely gifted woman. She helped me feel complete peace of mind for the first time in at least two years. I would (& have!) 100% recommend her. 

M. S. in Australia writes:   I asked Pat to do a card reading for me as l was seeking some answers to a few strange events.   The first card was a scarab beetle, which l could straight away relate to my question.   After the cards were pulled, l commented about how my intuition is always right, somehow l just 'know' things without actually knowing.  But l have been doubting it due to my lack of confidence and current vulnerable state.   Pat said, 'Yes! Listen to your gut.'  And then the most a amazing thing happened. A scarab beetle landed on my pillow.  To top this incredible experience off,  this happened at 2.22am. 

M. Porras writes:  I found Pat and requested she help out my dog when he was ill, she sensed where his problem was and since then he's doing much better and medication free. I reached out again and told her about my father. After his surgery he was in so much pain and after Pat preformed her reiki he woke up the next day feeling lighter and better. I recommend Pat to anyone looking for some energy healing. She's true to what she does.
I love you , you're an amazing person 🌹

 D. Parks writes:  We adopted an older rescue cat several months ago. Since we brought him home, he meows excessively, almost non-stop. We play with him every day, he gets treats, he eats good food but he never seemed comfortable. I mentioned this to Pat and she offered to help. We were skeptical about the healing from a distance but there have been significant changes to our cat behavior. Pat was very communicative during the process and followed up after sending healing. She gave us tips to help Stash during the healing process. We're very appreciative of Pat's efforts and hope you give her a chance to make a difference in your pet's life. 

A Gardner says:   I want to send a huge thank you to Pat Bryan. You have provided me with so much relief and given me a calmness in your reading for me. You were spot on with so many things and you have helped not just me, but you have helped my friend and his family in ways we could never repay. Your reiki healing and reading were spot on and your words and delivery were not only comforting but respectful, compassionate and kind. Again, I will never be able to repay you, but please always remember just how grateful I will always be for you. 

Tina from Tina's Bed and Biscuit says:   

The distance Reiki Healing performed by Pat on our two rescue boys, Ryder and Winter, has been very helpful!
I own and operate Tina’s Bed and Biscuit Inc., an all breed rescue that specializes in chained dogs and feral dogs.
With Ryder I noticed a calmness that helped him assimilate better to the kennel, and with Winter it was incredible that after two distance sessions, he became incredibly loving and wanting to be touched! This is astounding for a feral dog that has been struggling with human interaction for over a year!

I am forever in debt to Pat for opening doors with these boys that may have never opened without her help, and I highly recommend her Distance Reiki services to anyone that needs assistance with an animal that needs a special touch, a little boost or a healing and calmness of understanding.

Thank you so much from all of us Pat!



 FEEDBACK: Very spot on she is always alert and stays by my side very loyal. She LOVES water and does just stand in the water. This gave me shivers!! 

 FEEDBACK: Thank you pat for the feedback. Jasper loves to play he actually purrs while he plays. He is very young because I found him I am estimating him to be about 7 weeks now only. Boy does he bounce and yes he runs super fast and crashes into everything. When I am with him he reminds me so much of my previous cat so I do keep referring to my Cooper in front of him. Lol. I hold him a lot because he is so young and I do use a silly voice. He is extremely curious my husband actually said that last night. He keeps an eye on everything. Cooper was not a black and white cat but I lost 2 cats in a space of two years and my other cat tuxedo was black and white. He may also be referring to my big black dog that I am slowly introducing him to. He has had contact with her and it's going well. Her name is rubi. She is big. We will be moving in Jan and I have spoken about this in front of him. I am also going on vacation in December and I have also chatted about this in front of him. Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback. It's so comforting to know he is listening and feels loved. 

 FEEDBACK: Pat Bryan thank you so much for that reading this dog is very much my baby, in got him when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and he’s been the only consistent thing in my life. I just recently got married and I know how sensitive Hoss is when we argue he goes and try’s to hide. We bought a new house and it’s all different but he’s always by my side, he is my one, my main dog. The keeper of my secrets. Thank you 💜 I loved this reading 

 FEEDBACK: Wow what an amazing reading. Yes blue hangs his head alot and he is a very slow walker. He always has this sad look on his face. I often refer to him as eyore and he has the same personality as eyore. He is extremely sensitive. I got blue when he was 6 months old he had lived in 4 homes before that. I think he has felt alot of reJection in his life hense the I don't think they love me anymore comment. I have been busy but lately I have been spending more time with him but you right in saying I need to spend more one on one time. Yes I often sit on the floor and I do wear blue jeans alot. I sit often on the floor and get down to his level and chat. He loves his belly and chest rubbed. He listens and understands me very well. He watches everyone's body language and he reads people well. I will definitely have another one on one chat with him and explain about the kitten. I will also involve him in the training. Thank you so much for chatting to my boy. All of what you have said makes perfect sense. We really appreciate it. 



Pat is amazing!! I'm so happy that she was drawn to me...she did the tapping therapy on me and we focused on my anxiety.  Side note, I use CBD oils daily to calm my anxiety down.  Today I have not used any CBD products due to the tapping therapy...not knowing how I would feel the end of my work day and Pat checking in on me ... I realized I had no all my task done and took no CBD.  Pat is a true blessing to me and has helped me in so many ways.  I trust her completely and her skills. She's just wonderful

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 Reiki is no substitution for Professional Medical and Veterinarian care and you should always consult your Physician and/or a Veterinarian when you are considering Reiki.  

Remember that healing does not necessarily mean cure.  It may not even mean that life in this realm continues.  Healing means that peace is found at the highest levels of the being's soul, for the greatest possible good.  That may mean that their time here is complete.  While it can be difficult, Reiki is sent without attachment to the way the energy manifests.  We have to trust their innate ability to heal, whatever that may mean for them, even if it means physical death. 

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